Carson Cloud

Carson Cloud is a 17-year-old photographer and Part 107 drone pilot based in Chicago, IL. He is currently a senior at Lane Tech. When Carson isn’t studying or playing basketball, he is out with his camera and drone taking gorgeous shots of Chicago! 

Growing up in Chicago, Carson was always asked questions about the “dangers” of Chicago. He had to explain over and over again that Chicago isn’t as bad as the media portrayed it. Therefore, Carson’s goal has always been one thing: show Chicago’s pure beauty!

Carson has achieved a lot in his first year of photography. His work has been featured on NBC, TimeOut, TimeOut Chicago, Urban Matter, Block Club, and Block Club Chicago!

Carson takes all his profits from his photography and puts it straight in a savings account for college. He plans on continuing with both photography and videography in college by majoring in Film & Television with a focus of cinematography. Every purchase helps Carson continue doing what he loves most! 

If you can’t purchase a print today, please support support him by following his Instagram and Tiktok: @thecarsoncloud. You can always purchase a print in the future on his website.

Thank you for your support!